Group Plan - Houston, We Have a Problem

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Message Text: Nehemiah 4:13-14
Message Theme: We’ve got a problem that needs to be named and addressed. We’re not launching our kids into the world with stable faith. But we’re not going to sit on our hands. We choose to be a church with a launch-pad that increases the chances of launching faithful disciples who thrive in the world.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your most vivid memory of a space shuttle launch/landing?
  2. What are the forces that have to be overcome for a successful rocket/shuttle launch?
    How has NASA worked to overcome those forces?
    What academic disciplines have gone into a successful space program?
    How many people are behind the first moon landing?
  3. When you hear the phrase "failure to launch," what comes to mind?
    What are the forces at play that are making the transition from childhood into adulthood more difficult and delayed?
  4. Collin shared with us that 1 in 2 kids in American church student ministries will leave the Christian faith within a few years of leaving high school.
    Does that number seem to be correct when you consider your relationships?
    What are the factors that contribute to spiritual launch failure?
  5. As you heard the story of Nehemiah again, what principles stood out to you from his leadership that we could use in today's church?
  6. Read Nehemiah 4:7-14.
    Why do you believe Nehemiah posted the families together in the exposed places?
    What effect did that have on the conflict?
    What principle could we learn from that approach?
  7. How can your group play a role in a successful launching of children/students at Greenville Oaks?
    What choices could you make to contribute to spiritual growth among our young ones?
  8. Spend time in prayer over the children and teens of our church.