Group Plan - Back to the Bible

Message Text: 2 Kings 22:1-13
Message Theme: It's time that we go back to the Bible. But as we do so, let's read well and read with curiosity about the treasures we may discover that may just change everything.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your first memory of reading the Bible or having it read to you?
  2. Tell the story of the Bibles you've owned over the years.
  3. What is the Bible?
    How would you describe it to a newcomer?
  4. How do non-Christians tend to think about the Bible?
    What positive or negative assumptions do you hear made about the Bible in our culture?
  5. Read 2 Kings 22.
    What surprises you in this story?
    What do you find remarkable about the response of the people to this discovery?
  6. Collin described the Bible as more of a library rather than a book?
    How does this image/idea change your perspective of the Bible?
    What expectations change?
  7. Watch Literary Styles Video.
    What are your thoughts about the video?
    How does genre play a role in understanding the Bible?
  8. What do you hope to discover during this series?
    What questions do you have about the Bible?