Greg Coffman

I can never remember a time when I didn’t have faith in Jesus—my earliest memory is 2nd grade. The first week of my freshman year at Texas A&M, I began visiting the A&M Church of Christ. I was baptized the second week. God has guided me my whole life. Sometimes I knew it and sometimes I didn’t. I am grateful for His constant presence.

Debra, also an A&M graduate, and I were married in 1979. We moved to Allen in 1985 when our oldest son, Gregory, was one year old. We began attending the Allen Church of Christ in 1987. Debra and I have three grown children. Gregory and his wife Amanda have two children and live in Lubbock. Our daughter Amy lives in Washington, D.C. Our youngest son, Martin, and his wife Chelsea, live in Detroit and have one child. I am grateful that our relationships are warm and loving. I retired from Texas Instruments in 2015.

My spiritual gifts are teaching, listening, and facilitation and group decision making. My vision for Greenville Oaks is for it to be a church where individuals and families grow closer to God; being transformed to be more like Jesus every day; and that His likeness is seen and glorified in the community. This is not about doing church right. It is about helping people do life right—both now and in eternity—through becoming like Jesus.

I have been an elder since 1998 and currently serve on the Shepherding Team. Becoming and serving as an elder provides constant opportunities to see God at work.