Gospel According to Luke

The word "gospel" isn't a word we use very often.

And yet, it was a word 1st Century citizens of the Roman Empire were well acquainted with. It was the common word Caesar threw around when he was ready to announce a military victory that expanded the empire once again. Gospel simply means "Good news." For Caesar, good news meant the expansion of his territory.

When the early Christians were announcing the good news of Jesus' arrival, ministry, and resurrection, they stole Caesar's word. They co-opted his celebratory word to announce another kingdom, the kingdom of God.

Luke has "good news" to offer. And this good news is surprising. It's the most counterintuitive news you can imagine. It's good news for people who always seem to be on the outside, and it's bad news for those who often find themselves on the inside.

Explore the “Good News” of Jesus during this 7 message series about the Gospel According to Luke. Explore its impact on your life. Discover the power and danger of inclusion, why the “gospel” could become bad news, and what we should do about it.

Series Messages