In Good Work, one of of Collin’s message series, we talked about work and why our work matters.

We’re going to have a conversation over the next seven weeks about what that means and how we engage in that, because what matters is not the kind of profession you have.

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Anyone is welcome to host a Good Work Group. Whether you choose to do this in your home or work place or local coffee shop or favorite restaurant, simply invite a few people to join you for these conversations. Click on the links below for talking points and tips on leading or facilitating discussion.

Each week, a recap of the sermon and bridge into discussion will be provided on video which you can access on Collin's Facebook Page or viewing below on this webpage To receive a set of questions each week that can help focus your group discussion, simply complete the registration form at the top of this page.

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Good Work Conversation 4: God is Calling

Good Work Conversation 3: Working From the Blessing

Good Work Conversation 2: Reverse the Curse

Good Work Conversation 1: Work Is Not A 4-letter Word