God is working in Farallon!

Yesterday at the end of VBS, Maria invited us to her home to swim.  She and her family are the caretakers of a home on the Pacific coast about one-quarter mile from the Upton's home.  We were unable to make it on Monday, and today she invited us again, so 6 of us put on our swimsuits and headed down the beach.  On our way there we were talking about how beautiful this pool must be, how great the water was going to feel and looking forward to not being covered in sand upon exit.  Maria was waiting for us at her fence, greeting us as we got closer, "Buenas!"

We climbed up the black sand, trying not to trip in our flip flops and entered her gate, setting our eyes on this beautiful palm tree-lined land.  Then we saw the pool.  It was not this magnificent thing as we had imagined.  In fact it was just a plain above ground 4 foot deep pool.  Still we approached it and looked in.  There was about 3 inches of water in the bottom.  Talk about disappointed.  It quickly became apparent that the pool was not the focus of our visit, and not once did Maria ask why we were holding our towels and dressed in our swimsuits.

Instead, she immediately introduced us to the rest of her familia and led us around the property.  We saw arrugula and an italian herb garden, a limon tree, and a grapevine lined terrace.  Their cinder block home stands next to the Italian Villa, and we all commented on how good the food smelled as it escaped her windows.  She then brought us to an amazing patio covered with an enormous bamboo shoot roof.  Maria invited us in her beautiful Spanish to please sit and relax.  Her husband even went and cut fresh coconuts from a palm tree and opened them with his machete so we could enjoy the refreshing water.  We sat with her family and enjoyed the breeze.

As we got ready to leave, still we had not been invited to the pool.  Perhaps it was a misunderstanding due to the language barrier, but we prefer to believe it was something greater.  You see, it is unusual to be invited into someone’s home here in this village.  Most of them do not have much more to offer than a dark room and a dirt floor.  Maybe she knew mentioning a pool would get us there.  Maria likely saw us as rich Americans who were above her and who had more resources than she would ever have in her lifetime.  But, she saw what we were doing for her children and the others at VBS, and she trusted us.  She saw that we were very hot and sweaty and knew she could offer a nice cool hut under which we could all relax.  This is what she could do for us in return.  She wanted us to accept her where she was.

God blessed us in many ways today, but we thought this was one story worth sharing tonight.

Buenos noches.

- Karen (guest blogger)