Greenville Oaks Church of Christ believes God designed the home as the primary context for faith formation. Faith@Home exists to create a culture of intentional families.

Contact Wes Rasbury or Samantha Campbell for more information.

The Faith@Home Center

  • The Faith@Home Center offers resources and ideas that will make it easier and more likely for individuals and families to be intentional in their relationships, particularly when it comes to matters of faith.
  • The Faith@Home Center is another way to connect to Greenville Oaks. We can help you get involved in a Community Group or simply offer tools that will encourage you in your relationships.
  • The tools offered are available in the Faith@Home Center and online below. We want to make it easy for you to access the tools for yourself or to serve neighbors, co-workers and friends.


These simple guides give encouraging and thoughtful advice regarding various life situations and seasons. Each pointer will list the various resources and programs Greenville Oaks offers people who are in that season of life. 

Recipe Cards
These activity based cards offer people ideas to immediately become intentional about their family relationships. Some are for couples, such as a date night recipe card. Others are activities for parents/grandparents to do with their children/grandchildren.

Going Further Resources
Books are available for checkout in the Faith@Home Center on a wide variety of topics related to the Life Season Pointers.

My Plan
These guides give each person the opportunity to honestly assess how they are doing at being intentional in their different relationships. They also provide a way to make a plan to be intentional.

Campaign Materials
Campaigns are offered throughout the year to challenge families to have a season of intentionality with themes such as prayer, blessings, meals, marriage, and holidays. Each campaign offers special resources that will be available in the Faith@Home Center.

Faith@Home podcasts are audio resources, offering ideas to help you develop and implement faith at home.