Do not serve meal without the word of God!

this is a sentence, was said by a young man who is one of the Xtra Mile Community members, whose name is Bideri Athanase.
 Before he got in that community, he had never been interested and curious to read Bible, even he had never hold it in his hands!
 Since, last year we took an initiative of getting every one a bible, the Xtra Mile pays a half of the cost then half paid by the person who gets bible.
 About two weeks ago, Bideri asked to share within a prayer time, as it is custom every friday evening, for the Xtra Mile community to meet and pray.

who does not get excited when he gets an encouraging message? bideri Asks . None, community replied.
 His point was to say that the Bible holds the encouraging message from God.
 that we need to get that message every single day!
 He lives with other four boys, who are going to the same university. Normally, they rotate to prepare the meal. He encouraged every one to serve the meal but word of God too. And now, no one can serve the meal without devotion!

Last sunday, Bideri told the community that his vision is to go and mobilize and encourage a whole community of students who are living in Kimironko ( where he lives) no to serve the meal without word of God.
 When I heard this, I was so challenged and thinking how much I would be using the opportunities I have at my home to share the word of God with my siblings every single day.

this is one of the example of many things that God is doing in the Xtra Mile.
 We require your prayers, so that this movement and new mind may extend even beyond the Xtra Mile community.
 please, feel free to share this wonderful experience with any one you have in your mind that may be encouraged by it!

 Charles Kabeza