Discussions About the Christian Worldview

One of the things that can be a very good way to understand the position that non-believers may take when we speak with them, and also the responses we can offer to help them in those moments, is to watch recorded debates between Christian scholars and noted atheists.  Below, I've listed a small selection of debates which are easy to follow, and which also give a good flavor of the types of things you might hear from non-believers when you speak with them.  Each of these videos is available without interruption, and typically runs around 2 hours.

  1. Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? (Mike Licona and Dan Barker)
  2. On The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Mike Licona and Richard Carrier)
  3. The God Delusion Debate (Richard Dawkins and John Lennox)
  4. Does God Exist - The Michael Coren Show (William Lane Craig and Michael Payton)
  5. Does God Exist? (Frank Turek and Christopher Hitchens)

While these events are formal debates, I don't want to lead anyone to think that the goal is to be contentious or argumentative with non-believers.  Instead, think of these as guided conversations in which each person gets the chance to express his worldview, followed by responses and questions.

I have found that these events can be great sources of information, and since they are presented in semi-conversational format, it's easier to stay engaged with what's being said.  I encourage everyone to take a look.


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