David Bruce

I grew up in a small north central Texas town with loving parents that taught me about the love of GOD. Although I was taught that GOD is sovereign and in control of all, I didn’t fully start to understand this concept until I began, step by step, learning to trust God with my life. I have learned that through challenging times and good times GOD, uses us for His Kingdom to benefit and help others if we will let Him. The things that I have been blessed with in this life are all His, and I am just here to manage them for His use and glory. In addition to loving God with all my heart, I try to live by three simple rules: do my best; do the right thing; and treat others as I would want to be treated. It’s hard to consistently live these out, but I try. I believe GOD wants progress not perfection, as I try to grow to look more like Jesus.

My wife, Valinda, and I have been married since 1988 and have been members of Greenville Oaks since 2005. We have two young adult children that have received much love and support from this church family as well. Valinda serves in various roles of teaching and mentoring, and she is truly one of my heroes in life. This church has been a huge blessing in our lives, and we feel honored to be a part of this church body. GOD consistently shows us how blessed we are with the love this church provides.

I have been honored to serve in the role of elder since 2015, and I currently serve on the Shepherding Team.