Christianity: Based on Faith or Knowledge?

In his book Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge, Dallas Willard builds a case in support of the idea that Christianity is based upon knowledge and not simply "blind faith".  This notion that Christianity is only based upon faith is one that has been spreading througout our culture, strongly advocated in recent years by the Secular worldview.  Willard offers his thoughts on why he believes the secular world is trying to discredit the idea that Christianity is based upon knowledge.  From pages 30-31 of his book, he has the following to say:

"That knowledge, and perhaps religious knowledge above all, is political follows from the relationship it has to truth, method, evidence, and life...Because it confers upon the possessor the right and responsibility to act, direct action, set and supervise policy, and teach, it cannot not be political.  This becomes apparent when we observe the inner circle of advisers of rulers and leaders.  Kings, presidents, and executive officers at higher levels gather around themselves advisers who have a reputation for knowledge of affairs.  They do this in the hop of leading and directing in terms of knowledge and thereby being successful with their undertakings...

...This helps us appreciate why, in Western societies, and especially in America, there is such a huge drive to rule religion and Christian institutions and teachings out of the domain of knowledge.  By that move religion is stripped of the rights and responsibilities that always accompany knowledge and that would certainly increase its political influence.  Secularism - itself always posing as knowledge, usually by striving to associate itself with "science" and "research" - justifies itself in determining political and legal processes and outcomes by stepping outside what is regarded as religion.  Taking advantage of the historical process briefly outlined above, popular media presents faith as foolishness and certainly as ungrounded in knowledge and reality."

Willard spends the majority of the book showing how the claims of secularism in this regard are false, demonstrating that Christianity truly is a knowledge-based worldview.

Today, with Christianity under attack from so many fronts, it's important for us to realize that our faith has a foundation in knowledge.  As Willard says, when we recognize this, we will understand that we have certain responsibilites within our culture.  These include the"responsibility to act, direct action, set and supervise policy, and teach".

The Christian worldview is true, and it is founded in knowledge.  This has serious implications for us within the world today.  As Christians, we owe it to ourselves to understand this, and to apply this truth to our lives and our walk of faith.

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