Blood Drive

Twice each year, Greenville Oaks hosts a blood drive on our campus, supporting Carter BloodCare in their mission to give life and hope to our community through giving blood.

On a blood drive Sunday, the Carter BloodCare mobile unit will be parked in the North Parking lot at Greenville Oaks, collecting blood donation through out the morning.

We encourage you to sign-up to donate blood. Donating blood with Carter BloodCare is the simplest way to give life and hope to people in our community.


[Sign-up for a time to donate blood]

Upcoming Blood Drive Details

Date: October 14
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Location: North Parking lot at Greenville Oaks

Carter BloodCare's 11 Laws of Life

We support Carter BloodCare and belive in their mission to give life.

  1. Life Is Bigger Than You
  2. Love Springs Life
  3. People Inspired By Life Inspire Life In People
  4. Life Is Full Of Choices
  5. Life Builds Community
  6. A Life Of Purpose Produces Passion
  7. Life Begins With Action
  8. Hope Brings Life
  9. A Healthier Body Creates A Healthier Life
  10. Giving Life Gives You Life
  11. Life Begins New Every Day