Adam Looney

Worship Minister

In October of 2003 my family and I moved to Allen to begin a new adventure in life and ministry as the Worship Minister at Greenville Oaks. From that day until now, we have been overwhelmed by God’s every day faithfulness and blessing. We are thankful to share our lives with the Greenville Oaks family and in the work that God has for us in this corner of His Kingdom.

Of God’s many blessing, I am most thankful for the love of my life, my wife Stacia. We married in June of 2000 and she has been a partner and constant encourager in ministry. Our two fantastic children, Jenna and Jonathan, bring great joy to life and we are thankful God has given them to us to raise.

I am a west Texas boy…I grew up in Lubbock, attended Abilene Christian University, and graduated in 1993 with a degree in Youth and Family ministry. In January of 1994 I moved back to Lubbock and began ministry as the University and Worship Minister for the Broadway Church of Christ. I served there until moving to Allen.

As I think about God’s movement and guidance in my life over the years, I can clearly see how He has placed me with people and in places where He can work through me to help accomplish His will and where I can answer His calling in my life. That calling is pointing people to God, leading them into His presence and glorifying His name.