Tech@Home Conversation #5

Message Text: Mark 1:35-39
Message Theme: We are constantly nudged by external forces to live a life of distraction. But the abundant life Jesus offers is a life focused on learning to be present.

Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. Which tool or technology device do you own that gets the most use? Who taught you how to use that tool? Can you remember once thinking of something as unnecessary or somewhat extravagant that you no would not want to be without? What caused the change in how you view this?
  2. What tool would you most like to own that you don't currently own? Which tool would you most like to be invented that doesn't currently exist?
  3. Collin mentioned that the English word "boredom" is less than 300 years old. Why do you believe boredom is on the rise when we have so much technology and so many things at our disposal?
  4. What is your go-to app on your phone when boredom sets in? If you don't go to your phone, how do you fill your time when you feel boredom setting in?
  5. After engaging technology (social media, surfing the web, video entertainment, computer games, etc.) do you experience meaningful times of peace or satisfaction? What does this help us to understand about these approaches to boredom/unsatisfied desires?
  6. Nudges are small changes in the environment around us that make it easier for us to make the choices (we want to make or want) others want us to make. Collin gave examples of apples, 401k retirement plans, and organ donation, but he also said app developers have mastered nudges. Thinking back on your week, can you think of a (positive or negative) nudge that achieved a response from worked on you? Why was it effective?
  7. Read Mark 1:35-39. Think about how Jesus resisted the disciples' nudge. Were they nudging him to do something bad? Why did Jesus consider this not the thing for him to do? What do we learn from this story about life in 2018? What are you challenged to do to be able to resist negative nudges in your life?
  8. If spiritual disciplines are a help to overcoming the negative effects of fragmented focus and boredom, how do you plan to begin incorporating one or more of these into your life in a practical way?
  9. What is your biggest takeaway from this series? What will you change in the future as a result of these lessons and our conversations?

Note: Be sure give special emphasis on the story of Jesus and the disciples in Mark 1. This is a classic example of nudges we get, not to do something wrong or bad, but to allow something good to take the place of what is best and most important.