2010 Canada Mission - Kevin Vance Follow Up

Well, the dust has settled on Mission 6:10, and from our point of view it was a strong success.

Here are a few highlights, and I would ask you to forward this to your entire team, if you would.

  1. The VBS's were both very good experiences for Glen Elm and Northwest. They helped raise the profile of the churches in their respective communities, helped show the love of Christ to the kids, and extended our outreach. I know for Northwest, it met and exceeded our hopes for what God could accomplish. We were especially thrilled to be make so many connections with the adults. That is one of our goals for this next year in terms of outreach, was making friends with the adults. Your work was a catalyst for this!
  2. Speaking of VBS's, the teens and adults did a great job. I know both churches here commented on what an excellent job the teens did. Also, the adults' work was like a children's ministry workshop, and that will raise the quality of what we are doing here in our kids programs. Special thanks to Miss Marti!
  3. The construction - Doyce and his team did a great job, as well as all those who painted! Your work not only improved our facilities but provided great encouragement for WCC when they have such a huge building to maintain. Thank you for surrounding us with love and encouragement.
  4. Tod Vogt - the workshop and personal visits with preachers and church leaders was a real encouragement, thank you!
  5. Vance and Greg - the teen program was outstanding. I heard many of our teens comment on how formative that was spiritually. They all want to do it again next year and they are already promoting it with their friends to come and join in.
  6. Your staff at Greenville Oaks - you have amazing people on your ministry staff. What a blessing for your congregation. Thanks for sharing them with us!
  7. Relationships - perhaps one of the richest gifts from the week together was the relationships that were formed - not only between your congregation and us, but also between you and the adults from the community, as well as the kids from the community. Some of the kids have asked us, "Are they [people with the yellow shirts] coming back next year?" (that was Macey). And Serenity asked, "Will the yellow shirts be there [at the Party last week]?"
  8. The addictions workshops at both Glen Elm and Northwest were excellent - good attendance, and very good engagement by those who attended. Thank you Galon!!

Thank you very much for your willingness to come and be with us, and to share in God's mission here. It was a huge gift to us all and we pray you were richly encouraged as well!