2010 Canada Mission - Day 1

Howdy from Regina! We made it safe 'n sound. Unlike past mission trips, this one went smoothly and without any hiccups.  While some weren't able to come due to health issues or family emergencies, everyone who did leave arrived safely with all their luggage. A lot of credit goes to Michelle Hoover and the team that worked out the logistics behind the scene. They are the engine that keeps GO running.

Last year in Grenada, I blogged at maxeymum.blogspot.com. I hope to do the same this year. Hopefully others on the trip will want to contribute their experiences first person as well. Its fantastic how God works for a common purpose differently in each person. God working through diversity of thought and voice allows us to become greater than the sum of ourselves individually.

How well do you know the people you go to church with? Maybe you know the names of some of the people you sit by. If you're like me, you meet people after church, make small talk, fend off kids for as long as you can, then head out for lunch and completely forget their name.

Hopefully you've made good friends with those in your small group. But how deep are those friendships?

One of the reason I go on mission trips is to know, really know people. Where else can you spend a few hours picking the brain of Tim Olree, Vance, Keith, Tod, etc.? Where else can you develop new meaningful friendships so easily? After the small talk exhausts itself the first day, what's next? Things get real.

Till next time ....