Tech@Home Conversation #2

Message Text: Genesis 11:1-9; Exodus 1:8-14
Message Theme: Technology writes checks it can't cash. Technology makes promises it can't keep. Technology without boundaries will eventually make us slaves.

Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways have you observed progress in our world that is impacting how you and those you care about live your lives? In what ways have you seen life in our world today fail to progress (or deteriorate) that is impacting our lives?
  2. Read Genesis 11:1-9. How do you see technology in this story? Why is God so upset with the building project?
  3. How did “progress” in mechanical/technological areas contribute to a decline in humanity’s overall well-being?
  4. Collin mentioned that the next time "bricks" are mentioned in the Bible after Genesis 11 is in Exodus 1. Technology moves from a promise of great progress to the very tool used to enslave the people of God. How might that comparison relate our technology?
  5. Have you seen technology that promised to be so efficient and helpful actually wind up consuming more of your time and energy than would have been required without its existence? Share some examples.
  6. Technology was supposed to help us communicate better. How has it accomplished that? How does it stand in the way of healthy and effective communication? How might that relate to the story of the Tower of babel?
  7. How can you determine if technology is your “servant” instead of becoming more of a “master?” What are some indications our technology may be more in control of us than we are in control of it?
  8. How does the Sabbath command help the people of God set boundaries for their technology? What are some ways you can set healthy boundaries for the ways you use technology in your own life today that might lead to a more abundant life?