"To the Full" - Tech@Home Conversation #1

Message Text: John 10:9-10
Message Theme: Despite the way many of God's messengers have delivered God's message of good news, Jesus came to offer a life lived to the full.

Small Group Discussion Questions

  1. What excites you about this series? What makes you nervous about this series?
  2. What are some examples of how technology has blessed your life? What are some examples of how technology has made your life more difficult or troubling?
  3. Collin said, "A tool is an object that extends or increases our ability to do a particular task." With that definition in mind, what tools do you use most in your life? What is one of the most helpful tools that you have ever used?
  4. Read Romans 7:7-11. How did the Law produce sin? Why are prohibitions the very things that lead us to do what is prohibited in our lives? How do we sometimes make it more difficult to keep technology in its proper place by our prohibitions?
  5. Would you say the church has been known more for what it is for or against? How would people outside of the church respond to that question? Why?
  6. Read John 10:9-10. If you read this verse in light of your use of technology, what new insights emerge? Is technology leading you to life or stealing life from you?
  7. What is your life mission? What are your values? What are you "for"?
  8. In light of your mission/values/"for," what are some boundaries you could set in regard to your technology that would lead to a more abundant life?